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Germaine De Capuccini Dermatech Pen

Dermatech Pen is an innovative therapy without surgery for erasing the signs that the passing of time has left on our face without altering its expression, with hardly any discomfort.


Rejuvenate your face in a natural way with the latest generation micro-puncture. An exclusive therapy that is personalisable and effective for stimulating the rejuvenation of the skin.


Dermatech Pen is capable of reversing the effects of the passing of time in all its range: Global Anti-Ageing; Firmness and Density; Skin Regeneration; Fading of Wrinkles; Revitalisation and Healthier Appearance; Tone Homogeneity; improvement of the skin’s texture (minimises the size of the pore).


How does Dermatech Pen work?


This technique is based on the skin’s capacity to self-regenerate naturally. The Germaine de Capuccini experts have developed a unique and exclusive therapy, painless, effective and safe.


The micro-punctures produce an inflammatory reaction that activates the liberation of growth factors and stimulates the multiplication of the fibroblasts on the dermis. As a consequence an increase is produced in the production of elastin, collagen I, II, III and IV and glucosaminoglicans that generates an improvement in the quality and texture of the skin.


A therapy that combined with the most advanced cosmetics achieves incredibly natural rejuvenating results visible from the first session.

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                                                                                        Dermatech Pen                     vs                       Micro-Needle Roller





       Application Technique                










       Application Alternatives






* Automatic

* Simple

* Precise & homogeneous work



* Will always be perpendicular

  to the tissue

* Controlled Lesion

* Less irritability



* Versatility

* Selection of different penetration

 depths & work speed levels

* Personalisation depending on  area

 to be treated &/or client  sensitivity



* One device for several clients

* Disposable heads of single use

 surgical steel

* Sterile & protected needles

* Manual

* Complex

* Technician dependant



* The needle frequently oscillates due

 to the path of the roller

* Uncontrolled damage

* Risk of scratches & laserations



* Not very versatile

* A single depth of needle & speed

 depending on the technician

* Cannot personalise the treatment




* One device for one client

* Exposed needles, risk of them being


* Not sterile

At the start of your treatment you are fully relaxed with our welcoming Pinda Ritual. The skin is fully cleansed and then exfoliated using our deeply renewing and anti-ageing AOX System. A powerful serum best suited to your skin, will then be used which will be decided during your consultation,While this product is on the skin your highly skilled therapist will use the Dermatech Pen to create a controlled skin aggression to liberate growth factors and stimulate the fibroblasts to increase the production of collagen and elastin. Once the whole area has been covered, your chosen mask will be applied and the treatment will end with the necessary finishing products to fully protect the skin.

Treatment Protocol




*  Avoid sun exposure at least 24hrs before.

*  Self-immune topical treatments or that may produce skin hypersensitivity must be discontinued 24hrs before

*  Avoid depilation on the area to be treated 24rs before the session






*  Avoid direct exposure to the sun or UVA rays the following 48-72 hours

*  Do not apply aggressive hygiene products nor lotions with alcohol or AHAs the following 24-48 hours

*  Do not do intense physical exercise the following 24 hours

*  The first 3-4 days you may notice your skin tight or even desquamated. Apply Intense Relief on demand

*  Do not apply exfoliators the following 7 days

*  You MUST use the homecare purchased for the following 5-7 days

*  Avoid depilation on the treated area 48-72 hours after the session

*  Facial: Do not apply makeup until after at least 12 hours.






Face OR Neck & Decolletage: -                                                            

1st Treatment with Essential Homecare Kit                                                                                                                              

Additional treatments                                                                                        

Course of 4 treatments                                                                                


Neck & Decolletage can be added onto a facial treatment for only £80 per session





Stretchmark Treatments:-

1st Treatment with Homecare Kit

Additional treatments

Course of 4 treatments