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Germaine De Capuccini Treatments

Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Facial


First professional anti-ageing treatment that counteracts the negative effects of skin glycation: inhibits the formation of the A.G.E. and accelerates the decomposition of those already existing, eliminating the “kusumi effect” (pallid tone of the skin).


Anti-ageing multi-correction: firmness and density, immediate uniformity and luminosity, suppleness, hydration and firmness.


Recommended for

Pallid and dull skin, lacking in light and shine. Matt, dehydrated skin with lack of cellular vitality and with flaccidity.


Any time of the year. Specifically as a “flash” treatment (1 session) or a deep revitalising treatment (4 sessions).



Counteracts the negative effects of skin glycation that set off premature skin ageing.


The skin immediately recovers a spectacular youthfulness, appearing luminous, firm and redensified.


Timexpert SRNS Global Anti-Age ON Facial


The professional treatment that adapts to the history of your skin to delay ageing.

An effective, global and tailor-made answer for mature skin.




Cosmetic advance based on epigenetics

What is epigenetics?




It works like a true switch that turns “ON” the genes turned off by certain epigenetic factors.








A multi-sensory treatment that rejuvenates with the expert hands of the professional.

•Exquisite textures.

•Contrast of temperatures.

•Relaxing anti-ageing massage with the exclusive accessory LISSAGE SPOON.

•Innovative facial mask that gives the face exquisite luminosity


A great amount of sensations that liberate us from the emotions that age, the factors that stress us and collapse our skin, balancing our mood, relaxing the features and infusing the skin with youthfulness.




A single session: A “flash” anti-ageing cure.


Four sessions: Intensive anti-ageing treatment with a deep and lasting action.


Recommended in:

Mature skin.

Dry or very dry skin.

If you are over 35 years of age.

People who want to reduce the global signs of ageing (wrinkles, flaccidity, lack of tone, pigmentation, dryness, etc.).

Your skin is affected by hormone shortage associated with ageing.



Your skin with more flexibility, density, resistance.

Signs of ageing, wrinkles, flaccidity, are less visible.

The perceived age of the skin is considerable reduced.



Mediterranean Candle Massage


A warming full body massage.


Our Mediterranean inspired massage candle will be burned while you enjoy a relaxing pinda massage. The warm oil from the candle is then poured over the body for a prolonged body massage, using deep and soothing movements. This indulgent massage will ease tension whilst natural antioxidants will hydrate and nourish the skin.



Highly relaxing & indulgent

Relieves tension in the body

Nourishes and protects the skin