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Golden Caresse Blue Active Water Tan Activating Mist 200ml SALE


This refreshing mist combines our Tan Activating Technology with Jeju Volcanic Water to increase the intensity of your tan whilst hydrating and revitalising the skin. Suitable for the face and body,

Blue Active Water works before, during and after sun exposure to increase and prolong your tan
Pre sun: prepares the skin for exposure. Applied before it helps stimulate a natural tan, increasing the skin’s defences.
In the sun: maximum performance and comfort for your sunbathing.  Intensifies the tanned tone in contact with the sun. A refreshing effect that ensures a pleasant sun exposure. Prevents solar damage.
Post sun: longer-lasting tan and revitalised skin. Comforts the dryness and discomfort of the skin.
Main Benefits
Provides a luminous and healthy skin tone in just a few days
Preventing solar damage
Hydrates and strengthens the skin’s barrier. Helps the skin to retain its natural moisture levels and to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity, keeping the skin fresh and balanced.
Anti-oxidising power – protects the cells against free radicals
Stimulates cellular renewal helping the skin keep its health and youthfulness.

How to use

Spray generously onto the skin before, during or after sun exposure to enhance the tan and refresh the body.