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Golden Caresse Oil Bronze Express Suntan Oil SPF20 200ml SALE


Express Sun Tanning Oil
This extra-light oil combines our Tan Activating Technology with Carrot and Apricot oil to increase the skin’s natural tanning process whilst providing hydration, nourishment and protection from UV rays. Enjoy a natural, prolonged tan with luminous and hydrated skin. Water resistant.

Main Benefits
Naturally speeds up and prolongs your tan
Provides softness, hydration and shine for the skin.
Increases the skin’s luminosity
UVA & UVB protection
Non-oily texture

Water Resistant
Medium Protection
UVA Protection 30
UVB Protection 20
Spray Format

How to use

Spray generously on the body and re-apply as needed.

Tip: Apply your sun protection 30 minutes before sun exposure. This allows the product time to absorb, ensuring your skin is protected from the second you step into the sun.